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Xpress-pay offers an unparalleled platform to help your business grow. Enjoy the incredible flexibility you'll gain getting paid anywhere, anytime. Xpress-pay was built with you in mind. 

Top Industry Solutions

We use cutting edge technologies to provide a seamless user experience for both the business and the consumer.  View the information below to see how we provide a sophisticated yet simple to use platform.


Give your residents the ability to pay anything from taxes to dog licenses online, anytime from one convenient solution.

Insurance - Life

Make it easier for your insureds pay, and keep their policies current with Xpress-pay and our revolutionary Site Fee Program.

Insurance - Property Casualty

Whether you run an agency, brokerage, MGA, or company, you can now accept payments electronically from insureds.

Legal Practices

Take the labor out of accepting credit cards, while reducing your exposure to sensitive data by using Xpress-pay.

Non-Profit Organizations

Enroll in our Non-Profit Outreach Program today, and begin realizing the positive impact it will have on your ability to continue helping others.

Property Management

Finally, an ePayment solution designed to help property management companies overcome the hassle of collecting rent and other fees.


Leverage the speed and convenience Xpress-pay offers to turn tables faster, enhance the diner's experience, and grow your business.


Give Your utility customers a better way to pay online and with their mobile devices for everything from turn on/off fees, monthly charges, and more.

Home Services

Make transacting with your customers easier and more secure, whether its in their homes, at your office, or anywhere else.


Help reduce GOAs by getting paid before ever dispatching a truck, or get paid on-site, using any mobile device that's available.


Reel in credit card costs and sail your marina forward! Accepting electronic payments for anything related to your marina is easier than ever.

Other Industries

Didn't see your industry listed? Not to worry. If you accept payments or donations, we have numerous solutions to meet your needs.

Online Demonstrations

Follow the link below to see all that Xpress-pay has to offer you and your customers by running sample payments today.