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We respect your privacy. Accordingly, no information you provide will be sold or otherwise willfully distributed except and only as needed to process any payments you are making or as required pursuant to a court order or investigation by a bona fide law enforcement agency. incorporates contemporary SSL encryption, server firewalls, and several other methods and mechanisms to protect your sensitive information throughout processing.

Unless you direct us to do so by creation of an Xpress-pay Digital Wallet Account or except as required by industry regulations, we will not automatically store your sensitive account information after processing your payment. Information you provide to facilitate your payment, including but not limited to credit or debit card account numbers, expiration dates, CVV codes, bank routing numbers, and checking account numbers, is immediately submitted for processing.

If, for your convenience, you elect to create an Xpress-pay Digital Wallet Account to expedite future payments, this information (excluding the CVV) is encrypted and stored in secure servers certified at Level One of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the highest level of certification available. If you do not explicitly instruct us to retain your credit/debit card information for future use, this payment information is erased immediately upon completion of the transaction, whether or not the transaction is successful.

In the event that a Merchant you have separately engaged has obtained explicit authority from you to retain your payment information to facilitate future payment(s) to said Merchant, the Merchant may elect to use an Xpress-pay Digital Wallet Account as their repository. In such case, a) information will be stored as above and used in accordance with the Agreement between the Merchant and you, b) the Merchant shall retain jurisdiction over payment schedules and amounts, c) Xpress-pay shall be considered merely a fiduciary of the information, and d) it is acknowledged by all Participants that, provided the relationship between the Participants persists in good standing, Xpress-pay shall not have jurisdiction to modify payment schedules or dispose of the information facilitating payments to the Merchant.

As a result of successfully processing a payment made by you or on your behalf as provided above, the processor working on behalf of your financial institution generates a transaction ID. This number appears on your receipt and may be used in the event that reference to the transaction is required in the future.

We also respect the privacy and rights of participating companies. Accordingly, logos, or images, where they appear, are used with the permission and by the direction of their respective companies.

For Enrolled Or Prospective Organizations

We share your concern for the privacy of those who support your organization. Privacy remains a consistent priority on the Internet, but so is access. Xpress-pay gives you the flexibility to decide the search criteria for bills you may post, and the information you collect to assist in reconciling payments to customer accounts. Administrative functions on this site offer you the flexibility to expand or restrict public access as you deem appropriate:

  • You designate the information included with payment made or bills posted at this site. For general invoices, you might use the customer’s account number and invoice number. For rent or deposits, you may use the building and unit number. Infinite flexibility gives you total control.
  • You decide which of the above fields are allowed as search criteria.
  • You select which search criteria are required and which are optional when locating bills.
  • You specify whether or not an exact match is required to locate a bill. This typically applies to account or invoice numbers, but it can be applied to anything you designate. Requiring an exact match elevates privacy.
  • You can permit a “fuzzy” search. For an owner name, “smith” can find “Smith Electronic Supply”, “Smithfield Properties, Inc.”, etc. Fuzzy searches expand public access.

We included this flexibility to allow you to determine the level of access appropriate for your organization. It is part of our continuing commitment to our clients and the customers you serve. Please contact us to learn more.

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