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Xpress-pay.com allows web, mobile, and telephone/IVR bill payments and donations directly to participating organizations. To protect your privacy and security, we will not automatically store any sensitive personal financial information after processing your payment, unless explicitly directed by you.

You will be completing this transaction through Xpress-pay.com, a secure ePayment site that encrypts all information during transmission. Xpress-pay is certified at Level One of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Level One is the highest level of certification. Our formal PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance is available upon request or can be verified by searching for Systems East (the owner/operator of Xpress-pay) on the VISA Global Registry of Service Providers.

We do not communicate your sensitive account information, nor is it necessary to do so, to advise the firm that you have paid. If needed in the future, the transaction number on your receipt can be used for reference.

During a web or mobile payment, you will have an option to create a secure Xpress-pay Digital Wallet account to store information after completing your payment, expediting future payments. If you already have an Xpress-pay account, you can store additional payment methods during a payment or add them through the Xpress-pay Dashboard. The Xpress-pay Dashboard is used to update all aspects of your Xpress-pay account and is available at dashboard.xpress-pay.com. For telephone/IVR payments, your card or banking information is deleted immediately after submission of your transaction.

To pay a bill or make a purchase or donation, the organization you wish to pay must be enrolled here. If you do not see an option for Xpress-pay, we invite you to use our Contact us link so we can encourage them to offer this convenience.

All payments made through this site are deposited directly in a bank account held by the organization you wish to pay. No primary proceeds are retained by Systems East, Inc. Accordingly, questions or requests for refunds should be directed to the organization responsible for the transaction. To assist the organization in crediting/reconciling your payment or donation, information associated with your transaction, excluding sensitive account information, will be transmitted to the organization upon completion of your transaction.

Xpress-pay provides both security and delivery services. As with any such firm, a Site Fee is charged for the use of the site. Where the fee is paid by the visitor (never the case for donations), it is shown prior to the entry of your payment information. Establishing and operating a secure Internet payment site comes at a substantial cost, though the public is rarely exposed to it. This site fee helps pay for items including but not limited to computer and communications equipment, programming, site hosting and traffic (bandwidth), security (devices, software, scanning services, approved third-party industry certification), processing costs, and commissions. The site fee is in addition to the bill and is separate from the bill you are paying, and it is this fee that allows us to deliver this convenience to you. The site fee for payment by eCheck may differ because it may include a cash payment discount.

Completion of a payment is contingent upon the authorization of payment by your bank or card company and acceptance of your payment by the designated municipality. In the event that your payment was made by electronic check and the transaction is ultimately unable to be processed due to subsequent account closure or other issues which cannot be resolved at the time of payment submission, the processor will attempt to notify the firm by email. Whereas email is not a secure method of communication, the notifying email will not contain any information specific to you or any information provided with your payment, only that a payment has been rejected and should be reviewed via the secure reporting mechanism.

For bill payments: To ensure accurate processing, the organization you pay will match the information provided at this site to their billing records. In the event your payment is not processed or authorized by your bank or card company or the applicable organization declines to accept your payment, your liability to pay shall remain and you may be subject to penalties and interest charges assessed by the organization. In such cases, all such obligations and charges shall remain solely your responsibility.

For purchases: The participating organization will use the information you provide to us during the purchase and payment process to initiate, process, and ship your order. In the event your payment is not processed or authorized by your bank or card company or the applicable organization declines to accept your payment, the participating firm will contact you to attempt to resolve the issue. In such cases, communication pursuant to such remedy will be between you and the participating organization.

For payments by electronic check: Pursuant to and as required by Regulation E of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act:

  • You certify that the account indicated on the billing and payment screen is owned by you and that the funds in the designated payment account are sufficient to satisfy the total amount of your payment as indicated on the payment confirmation screen
  • By completing your payment, you explicitly authorize the organization to place a debit transaction (charge) against the designated bank account in satisfaction of the bills you selected for payment
  • You acknowledge that an ACH (eCheck) transaction will occur as a result, that the transfer will be subsequently indicated on your bank statement, and that no cancelled check will be returned to you by your financial institution
  • You acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions involving your account must comply with the provisions of United States Law
  • You acknowledge that Regulation E of FDIC Law requires that we retain records of your payment for a period of not less than two years. This information is stored on secure servers protected by firewalls and other measures to ensure its protection as indicated in our Privacy and Security Policy.

Your use of this site and the service it provides shall constitute and indicate:

  • Your acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • Your acceptance of the fees associated with payments made at this site
  • Your authorization to charge and agreement to pay the total amount confirmed during checkout, subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of the account you selected for payment

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