What People Are Saying

"Professional, knowledgeable, competent, and a sincere pleasure to do business with! I wish all my vendors did business the way Xpress-pay does."


Your company is saving us an average of $3,000 a year (bank network fees and processing percentages), not counting the equipment costs. This is huge for small businesses. That's about 150 calls (jobs) for us. We no longer have to [worry] about equipment upgrades. So far, so Great! I even added a link for payments on our free Google...page.

Xpress-pay Client Survey Respondent

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the hard work you and your team have put into this project. We know we're a complicated bunch and we truly appreciate everything you've done to help us get this launched.

Megan M.


I have a business management background that spans over 35 years. I have dealt with numerous vendors and customers. I want to say that the way Jesse has stepped up and handled Oswego County is one of the best jobs I have ever seen. Jesse has resolved the issues in a timely manner. Most of all, my office staff feels that Jesse has been honest and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kevin G.


… I wanted to share with you some brief congratulatory remarks on your services. Xpress-pay has, at both the front and back office levels, exponentially expanded our client payment options, and I urge you to continue the great work.

Tony P.


…We pride ourselves on providing innovative service, and Xpress-pay gives our customers an option they value. Xpress-pay provides our patrons with an immediate payment experience with just one trip to the table, and chargebacks are not an issue.

Sam E.


…I can’t believe how easy this was…I am very happy with how everything is working so far. Thank you again for all your help, and being able to provide such a smooth transition.

Crystal T.


…Everything is working very well in the Finance department, and our Clerk’s office has been quite happy with the public’s response to such things as certified copies now being available via an e-request, and online payments through Xpress-pay. Moreover, I think it’s quite clear from the City’s experience, people are looking for, and are now expecting, the availability and convenience of eCommerce, and are willing to pay a reasonable premium for this service.

James M.


I am very pleased with Xpress-pay. We have been accepting credit card payments online for over nine years with them now, with virtually no concerns. It is not only user-friendly for our customers, but our staff as well. I would recommend this software to anyone considering accepting electronic payments as an alternative payment option.

Joyce J.


Professional, knowledgeable, competent, and a sincere pleasure to do business with! I wish all my vendors did business the way Xpress-pay does.

Peter R.


This system is great! It allowed me to recover nearly 80% of my credit card fees, and significantly reduce my paperwork. It also enables me to...get paid immediately. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone else looking to grow their bottom line.

Bill J.


Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for working so hard at getting these accounts up and running. We have had a lot of great feedback with this credit card option and it has really helped us collect what we're owed.

Bruce S.


With months of research to find the best company to handle our online and mobile payments, I came across Xpress-pay. We could not be more pleased. Keep up the good work!

Wendy M.


Basically, this [was] the ePayment system [we'd] been looking for all these years.

Chris L.


In the days of computers and technology it is hard to find a company with amazing customer service, if any customer service at all. You, my friend, have it with your staff and your company, and you all deserve a million kudos.

Rebecca M.


What Our Partners Are Saying...

I work...as a Merchant Service Sales Consultant and have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Rivera for the past year on an account that has been complicated, to say the least. I can tell you that Systems East [and Xpress-pay] is my go-to solution for myriad reasons, but primarily the relationship that I’ve build with Tiffany and your team. We have managed to onboard the largest outdoor landscape design company in Texas TWICE in the past two years, and it’s honestly required a ton of extra effort. Neither one of us understood the potential contingencies in bringing on this type of company (which was sold after they fell in love with Xpress Pay). But because of Tiffany’s reliability, responsiveness, and intellectual capital we now have the opportunity to bring on the larger entity, Cody Pools ($100MM in pool construction sales annually). They trust us because their CEO knows that if we reach out by phone or email, we will get a prompt and thorough response from Systems East. I want to thank you, and give a special shout out to Tiffany, Jeanne, and Kelly for their commitment to this implementation. I look forward to winning together in 2022!



I have been speaking with my team and we have quite a few deals in flight with you. Everyone has had fantastic comments about you and Xpress Pay solution. I personally am appreciative of all the hard work, partnership, and friendship. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

William O.


eZpay has been a reseller for Xpress-pay for the last eight years. We have enjoyed our relationship with Jim Buttino and his staff and have been extremely happy with the service and products that Xpress-pay has to offer. The Xpress-pay staff are always available to do a conference call with a prospective software provider to help with integration and promote sales for eZpay. Our business is only as good as the products and services that our vendors provide and I could not ask for a better business partner than Xpress-pay.

Pat H.


It's great to see all the different efficiencies that you are bringing to the table for [our merchants]...It will be a huge value-add for them.

Thanks very much for your partnership!

Daniel G.


Great catch!!!!! I am talking about Systems East and Xpress-pay.com. This will be a wonderful addition to our services, and put us ahead of the competition. In fact, not even in the same ballpark.

George N.