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The samples below demonstrate the flexibility of our digital bill payment services for your business. Keep scrolling to find your industry, or schedule a FREE demo to see what Xpress-pay will do for you. 

The Best Way To Experience The Demos

Follow these brief instructions to run any demo below...

Step 1 - Use your actual email address to see a sample receipt, then card number 4111 1111 1111 1111, and any valid expiration date.

Step 2 - During checkout, use the "Remember me" to create a digital wallet account of your own. That way, you'll be able to see all the benefits offered by the Xpress-pay digital wallet, too.

Top Technology Solutions

We use cutting edge technologies to provide a seamless user experience for both the business and the consumer.  View the information below to see how we provide a sophisticated yet simple to use platform.

Invoice By Text / Email

  • Start electronically invoicing your customers anytime, from anywhere
  • Use a simple form to text or email customer bills, or upload a file to send several bills at once.
  • Customer clicks and pays their bill in seconds

xFrame Integration

  • Accept secure payments directly on your website
  • Integration takes only minutes to deploy
  • All the benefits and security of Xpress-pay delivered directly onto your site

eBill Presentment (EBPP)

  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)
  • Organization uploads bills; Consumer locates and pays
  • Includes "View bill PDF" feature

Instant Payments

  • Give customers a flexible payment form to enter their information
  • Completed by you or the customer
  • Fast-track your business to accepting secure digital bill payments today

Recurring Payments

  • Automates payments & subscriptions
  • Schedules set by you, the customer, or both based on needs
  • Help enhance cash flow, while reducing late/missed payments

3rd Party Integrations

  • Connect with any cloud-based customer portal in real-time
  • Creates the highest level of customer confidence
  • Push/Pull billing and payment data instantly to simplify your Accounting

QuickBooks Online Connect

  • Expand Xpress-pay to your existing QBO account to save money
  • Simple linking service allows payments to happen right from the invoice
  • Instantly update billing and payment info

Global aXcess Framework

  • Leverages your API suite to access current information
  • Direct retrieval of your A/R data for real-time presentation
  • Immediate posting of payments to your database
  • Powerful tools, minimal costs, rapid deployment

QR Code Payments

  • Quick-scan option simplifies payments
  • Includes Xpress-pay Digital Wallet support
  • Restaurants: Scan/tip/pay in one step; boosts turnover and revenue
  • Try it now! Scan below…
Xpress-pay Restaurant Payment Demo Using QR code

Telephone Payments (IVR)

  • Integrates directly with your online payments
  • Reach customers not online with your Xpress-pay account
  • Payments post in real-time to your account

Try It Now By Calling: (855) 817-3729

Use Account Numbers: 12300 - 12399

Detailed Reporting

  • Choose from a number of reports that simplify reconciling payments 
  • View detailed, real-time information, or get a quick overview of what's outstanding versus paid
  • Export the information in multiple formats, and even automate the process for greater flexibility

Xpress-pay Valet

  • New solution for the retail shopping experience
  • Perfect for gifts, bulky items, or those must-see items
  • Make your choice, then scan, pay, and walk away
  • No lines, and purchases are delivered anywhere

Business Demo Examples

Xpress-pay can be used by many different types of businesses.  Our service can be used for business to consumer or business to business transactions.  From selling products to providing services, or even receiving donations, membership fees, deposits, or monthly rental income, Xpress-pay has you covered.

Auto Towing Company

Automotive Services

If you own a towing company, you can send your customers an invoice via email or text.  The customer can pay from their computer or mobile device.  Once you receive payment you can dispatch your truck. 

Insurance Company


Conveniently collect payments for your insurance business. This means you can bind policies even faster.  Simply upload your invoice to Xpress-pay and your customer can pay the bill instantly with one click convenience.

Law Firm

Legal Services

Gain the ability to instantly invoice your clients via email or text message, so they can pay in seconds. You can also leverage our automated recurring payment tools so clients can arrange payment plans, or simplify how they pay for retainers.

Utility Companies

utility companies with xpress-pay

Streamline how your utility customers pay, while eliminating the transaction costs involved with digital payment processing when you enroll in Xpress-pay. Also, upload bills and enable automated payments so customers can pay with confidence every month.

Property Management

property management

Make getting paid easier with numerous ways to handle how you collect down payments, monthly rent, and more with one user-friendly system.



Expand your reach, connect with advocates when they're ready to donate, and cultivate more relationships with a more powerful and customizable payment processing platform.

Restaurant / Bar

Restaurant / Bar

Xpress-pay delivers a restaurant payment experience unlike anything else by making it possible to transact anytime, anywhere. That's because the payment can happen on the customer's device either as soon as they order ahead, or after finishing their meal at the table.

Handyman / Painter

Home Services

Conveniently collect payments for your home services company. Scale your business faster than ever by being able to accept unlimited online payments in your office, on-site, or anywhere.

Selling Products Online


Sell items such as tickets, permits, passes, products and more. You can even sell multiple items at once. Your visitor will specify how many items they would  like to purchase and pay for everything in one quick and easy transaction.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale transaction

Now, you can leverage our proven technology to elevate the status of your POS system, while growing and solidifying your client base. With multiple ways to be able to handle transactions, we make it easier to please both consumers and merchants with one solution.

Other Business Types

text to pay

We help organizations of all types and sizes, and would love the opportunity to provide a tailored demonstration for your business. Contact us now for a brief demo and discover how powerful Xpress-pay will be in growing your business and simplifying your life.