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Secure Payment Portal

Seamlessly integrate a secure ePayment option into your existing customer portal for a clean, professional look. 

Hyperlinks or QR codes are used to redirect customers or donors to Xpress-pay for payment. Afterwards, they can be returned to your site, or we can advise you of their payment in real time and display and email a receipt for you.

This process can also be used to support in-app payments or other scenarios where electronic payments are needed.

Auto Up/Downloads & FTP

Use our Administrative Menu or automated FTP/sFTP to upload billing information for presentation and payment, or to download payment activity. Payment files can then be imported into your accounts receivable system, freeing staff for other tasks.

When uploading bills, including an email address will provide customers with instant click-to-pay convenience and security. You can also provide information allowing a PDF of each bill to be displayed. Xpress-pay is entirely modular, allowing you to add features as they are needed.

Streamline the entire accounting process for credit card processing online and discover how valuable Xpress-pay will become for both you and your clients.

Embedded Payment iFrames

Our xFrame integration allows you to directly embed Xpress-pay into your website to accept secure ePayments. Enjoy all the same features and functionality offered by our traditional payment platform. This means, no more redirecting your customers away from your site to pay, and so much more!

Even though payments occur on your site, we still maintain the secure element of each transaction. That's because the sensitive information flows only through our PCI-certified environment. 

Global aXcess

Offering electronic payments is far more involved than one might imagine. The commitment for infrastructure, programming, security, and PCI DSS certification is staggering, making it off limits for most organizations. Even the largest firms do well to engage the services of an ePayment specialist.

Xpress-pay offers several options, with Global aXcess being most attractive to larger organizations and solution providers. Global aXcess provides real-time, direct access to your accounts receivable data for presentation for payment, and instantaneous payment updates to your database API.

With the Global aXcess framework already operational, all that is needed is two API’s for direct retrieval and payment posting.

Real-time Payment Postbacks

Seamlessly integrate secure payments into your website for a clean, professional look. After payment, We’ll display and email a receipt and optionally, advise your site in real time.

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Get More Information & Support

Find out more about all the integration and support options available to connect your solution with Xpress-pay. Our simple approach to integrations makes it easy for you to get started in offering online credit card processing services to your customers.

Plus, Other Solutions That Give You The Edge

eBill Presentment & Payment

Provide your merchants with our extremely flexible, secure, cloud-based eBill presentation and payment suite and they'll stay loyal almost indefinitely. Especially when it's coupled with our world-class support, provided on your behalf.

Mobile Wallet Solution

Congratulations! You are now reselling the simplest, yet most powerful mobile wallet available. Catapult yourself into the mobile age by getting this in the hands of your clients. It supports payments via text/SMS, QR code, email, hyperlink, and in-app, meaning there's virtually no limit to how you can apply it to capture transactions.

Point Of Sale Integrations

Now you can turn any POS system into a mobile payment powerhouse with one simple integration to our mobile API. Once connected, you'll be able to allow any business to start accepting secure mobile payments in minutes.

Where These Solutions Apply

Here is a list of industries we've integrated Xpress-pay into. Be sure to contact us today to discuss how we can work with you and your team today!

  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Premium Finance
  • Property Management
  • Moving/Storage
  • Pest Control
  • Medical/Dental
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Bill Printing
  • Sales & Appraisals
  • Communications
  • Government
  • Towing
  • Education
  • Restaurant/Hospitality
  • Plumbing Electrical
  • Security/Fire
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Political
  • Labor Unions
  • Non-Profit
  • Religious
  • Accounting
  • Warranty Services

You'll Also Enjoy

Revenue Sharing Opportunities

As an Xpress-pay partner you're able to open new streams of continued revenue with every joint client you bring on. That's because every payment generates a new line of profit. Contact us today to learn more about this, and everything else Xpress-pay offers your organization.

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