Leverage the speed and convenience of Xpress-pay for faster table turns, contact-free payments, and bottom-line growth.

How Digital Payment Works for Restaurants

Leverage the speed and convenience of Xpress-pay for faster table turns, contact-free payments, and bottom-line growth

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Xpress-pay Makes Getting Paid Easy

Why You'll Love Our Solution

Whether you run a fine dining establishment, fast casual, or anything in between, Xpress-pay delivers a payment experience unlike anything else by making it possible to transact anytime, anywhere. That's because the payment can happen on the customer's device as soon as the order, or their meal, is complete. This also means there's no expensive hardware for you to buy or maintain. Finally, with a direct integration into your POS, we'll help keep things running smoothly.

Restaurant Dining Room

Restaurant Ingredients

Deliver Elegant Ambiance

Xpress-pay gives your establishment a new height of elegant ambiance by letting your customers know you attend to every aspect of their dining experience. Offering them greater control over their sensitive information, like credit card information will deliver a unique message that you want them to dine in complete comfort. Of course, the ability to pay and leave quickly, even during your busiest hours will make it clear that your establishment operates on another level.

The Menu

For a brief overview on how this system works for you, download our infographic, or use the arrows to follow the interactive presentation below:

Scan, Tip, Leave

Xpress-pay allows your customers to tip and pay in seconds after their bill arrives. We'll work with your POS company to include a unique QR code at the bottom of every check. Customers scan the code, confirm their bill amount, add a tip, and enter their card information to pay. That's it! The payment is recorded in your POS, and they're free to leave. This helps with table turnover rates, and means you can earn more money when you have a full house! 

sample xpress-pay restaurant check

For POS Developers

For years, offering a robust pay-at-the-table solution has eluded POS developers and restaurants alike. Even the largest POS companies have failed to deliver a viable option.

We're proud to announce that those days are over. Since 2005, Xpress-pay has delivered powerful, game-changing ePayment solutions that work. We released our first pay-at-the-table solution in 2011, and it's proven to be the most reliable path to success to date.

Now, you can leverage this proven technology to elevate the status of your POS system, while growing and solidifying your client base. Read on for more, then apply to see if your system qualifies for a spot in our POS Partner Program.

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